Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Being born with a skill that is beyond your control can be quite scary especially if that skill leads you to kill. Katsa is a graceling, therefore, she would have been born to be a feared outsider if not for the fact that she is a niece to the king. Instead, Katsa embarks on a journey that forces her to discover herself and use her grace to change the way things are.

Katsa was a difficult character to connect with. She seemed invincible, like she could do whatever she wanted and nobody could stop her. Katsa seems to have little weakness and can be too cold to outsiders leaving you feeling like an outsider looking in. That being said, the book was entertaining. This is a book that many have liked and many who have not read it yet will like it as well. It has a few romantic moments (warm together moments) that felt as if they were thrown in to keep things soft, but they could have easily been left out without changing the story. If you are a book reader and enjoy a decent fantasy read then dig in, if you have other things to read then put it on the back burner but dont forget about it because you will eventually want to give it a shot.

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