About Casa de los Nerds

Casa de los Nerds is a place to get a nerds perspective on young adult books. This is the place to get the nerd guy perspective on books and other things.

There are so few options for a guys that read to get a feel for what's out there. It seems that a lot of stuff intended for guys are primarily graphic novels and comics. Most blogs have few reviews of books that had any interest to me (as a guy) especially in the area of young adult fiction. So here we are.

There is also this negative focus on guys that read. They call us nerds. As a middle school teacher I hear the word nerd thrown around all the time. Kids are beginning to embrace this label that wouldn't fit the stereotypes. Nerds are beginning to gain respect. Reading is at the core of nerd. Without reading you would be hard pressed to gain the knowledge and experience to reach the true heights of the nerd world. There are a lot of things you can't get from TV.