Monday, June 7, 2010

Fat Vampire (advance reading copy) by Adam Rex

Short, fat, and fifteen for eternity. Doug Lee is stuck in the worst of adolescence when he becomes a vampire. Not only is Doug in the middle of trying to find out who he is, but now has to figure out what it means to be a vampire. The action of the adventure kicks in when Doug becomes the vampire being chased on the Vampire Hunters, a basic cable TV show fighting to keep their ratings up.

This book is smirkingly funny. There were parts where a chuckle was necessary but the whole idea is funny in itself. This guy is fifteen and is a likable guy who now finds that his life has become a little more complicated by being a vampire. Life always gets more difficult when you have to wear a vinyl poncho to go out in the sun. This book has its moments but none that will bring a tear to your eye in the sad sort of way. Adam Rex is a funny guy and his addition to the Vampire genre is a break from the norm. This book won’t take you to deep places in your soul, but it is a read that will keep you entertained.Fat Vampire is set to release 7/26/10.

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