Monday, March 14, 2011

I Am the Messenger. No, really, I am.

19 year old Ed Kennedy cracks me up. He's not going anywhere and doesn't think much about it until the cards start showing up in the mail. He even manages to stop a bank robbery without even really meaning to. He does it while proving a point that his friends cab is a piece of crap car. The cards start out with addresses and problems to solve but each ride takes him further away from the Ed he has become.

This book was the perfect blend of funny, emotional, and thought provoking. I can't say that everyone will love it, but I have to put it in my top books because it made me laugh and think and those are two things I can't ever get enough of. How many of us are floating through life making little difference to ourselves let alone others. This is the kind of book that will cause you to ask yourself, what difference do I make. And when its all said and done, at least you'll be thinking about what it all means. Just remember, I'm just the messenger

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