Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce Gets the Man Stamp

Family is one of those things that you can only mess with if you are part of it. If you mess with someone else’s family, you better watch out. Rosie March was just a little girl when the fenris, more commonly called werewolves, killed her Oma (that's her grandma). Scarlett March was old enough to defend Rosie and to remember the whole event. The fenris messed with Scarlett’s family, and she is driven by this event to track down every last fenris and kill them so they won’t hurt others.  Together Rosie and Scarlett hunt the fenris that cross their paths in the small Georgian town of Ellison. Scarlett’s only passion is to hunt, but Rosie begins to want more out of life, and some of that involves Scarlett’s only friend Silas. The sisters work to keep the strong bond they have while finding themselves pulled apart by their desires.

This was my first “werewolf” (yep, werewolf virgin) novel and it was an awesome place to start.  This book was surprisingly action packed and once I sat down to read it, I didn’t put it down. The fight scenes are intense and fast paced. Ok, so there is some hugging and kissing and snuggling, but it’s spread out just enough to make it fit and not feel goofy. Let’s just say that the combo works and it won’t feel too girly for a guy. Now I am going to have to give this book the Caster Rated stamp of approval because like Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness you might not want your buddies seeing you with these books unless you plan to do a lot of explaining, but it’s not a girly book so you’re gonna want to give it a shot. Just get the hardback and take off the paper cover.


  1. Hey, Jackson Pearce just tweeted this review (that's how I found it)! But you probably already know, LOL

    Loved this book! My first "werewolf" book, too, probably my only, as well


  2. Maddz,
    I know and she was so fast on the draw with it that I hadn't even finished tweaking it. Thanks for checking out my space. Check out http://cafesaturday.com she does YA and people find her reviews to be very good. BTW checked out your blog. Great looking site.

  3. Even though I'm a big fan of werewolf based fiction, this one one of the better ones. I loved the action in it too; it's definitely one of those 'unputdownable' books!
    Great review!

  4. GloriusBooks. I put it down for a couple of days at around page 30 but once I picked it up again I finished it off. I have a few other werewolf books that I am going to read but I thought reading one that was already out would be good. There is one by Peter Moore that is coming out in November through Disney Hyperion Called Red Moon Rising It's about a half vamp half werewolf. I will review that as we get closer to release time. Thanks for stopping by.