Friday, July 9, 2010

Guys Read: Funny Business (Advance Reading Copy ebook)

If talking turkeys. mummy mishaps, and lots of stupid friends sounds like your kind of holiday then this is the kind of anthology (bunch of stories in one book) for you. This book is a collection of 10 stories from some of the funniest guy authors on the planet. There are ten stories written by Mac Barnett , Adam Rex (author of Fat Vampire), Eoin Colfer (author of Artemis Fowl), Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Kate DiCamillo (not a guy but equally funny),  Jon Scieszka, David Yoo, David Lubar, Christopher Paul Curtis, Paul Feig, and Jack Gantos. Funny Business wasn’t all funny but it was all business.

The stories in this anthology were good stories that were fun to read, but coming into it with a title like Funny Business I was expecting to be laughing my little booty off, and it just wasn’t happening. Don’t get me wrong, the book is a great book I just think it’s not all that funny for me. I definitely read a lot of parts throughout the stories that will have your 4th grader rolling on the ground. Kid Appeal by David Lubar and “What? You Think You Got It Rough?” by Christopher Paul Curtis were the highlights of book and had me chuckling out loud (not totally laughing but a good healthy chuckle). This book is definitely a middle grade book (4th, 5th, and 6th grade) and a great book to hand to that new reader at that level. If you read it without getting your hopes up about how much you will laugh then you will enjoy it all the way through. Guys Read: Funny Business is the first in a group of books targeted at guys in the middle grades. It will be released 8/21/2010 and later books will follow that will all have a different focus (ie horror, action, and whatever else they come up with.) It is also tied to which is the same group of guys that are trying to get other guys to read by “connecting them with materials they will want to read, in ways they like to read.” 


  1. i recently saw your comment on my blog post at i would like to thank you, it is always good to know there are others like me who review guy books. i am going to start my own blog pretty soon(book review ftw), so i can take some credit for the books i review. i have about 40 reviews that i plan to upload from youthareawesome, if you want we can share book reviews.
    BTW i see that you have read paper towns and hunger games (awesome books). and the book thief is fantastic.

  2. Thanks. I have spent hours searching for guys that review YA and middle grade books. I'm going to put a link up on my blog to yours if you don't mind. Thanks again.