Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mockingjay has sung its song, and all went quiet. (100% spoiler free)

It is with great sadness that I report that, for me, The Hunger Games are officially over. It’s not that I want more, it just rare that books come along that pull people in the way that this series has. I will not give a summary because of the popularity of the books and encourage people to look up the plot summary on Amazon or some other site. What I want to give is just my gut reaction to the books.

First of all I will say that, in my opinion, The Hunger Games books have slightly edged out the Harry Potter books. Harry Potter connected us to a world beyond our imagination with great characters and fantastical creatures, but The Hunger Games series pushes us to consider the extremes of our own human natures. We are left to consider our own response to our “enemies,” war, friends, family, and those that live around us. I am always amazed when I am yanked into a story and the lives of the characters at a level that almost seems idiotic to feel or be at with a fictional group of people. I found myself mad, a lot, at the injustices they faced, laughing at the humanity of their interactions, and saddened in their times of pain. I love it when books pull me in so deep that I have long moments of time where the house could be crashing down and I wouldn’t even notice (I have toddlers so this could have very well been happening). There were times during this series that I was so into the reading that I forgot I was even reading a book. My mind wandered along with the scenes like they were movies being played out on the big screen. In the end I was sad to see it go but satisfied to know it was over. The series is a no brainer recommendation for anyone looking for something to read, and Mockingjay will not disappoint those that have waited so long to find out how it ends.

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